Floor Design

Floor design requires draining liquids from the surface as quickly as possible to limit evaporation and odor generation. Firm surfaces and the absence of deep mud are important factors in beef confinement.1-10-1 Flooring types range from dirt to concrete to slats over pits. Although least complex in construction and least expensive, dirt and/ or concrete require the most maintenance to provide sanitary conditions, and require some type of bedding or very low stocking density. When pen space is limited (<2.5 m2/ head), and animals are confined to the barn, a deep storage manure pit covered with slats provides a suitable surface without frequent maintenance.1-7-1 If the deep pit option is selected, extreme caution must be taken because hazardous gases may be emitted from the pit and affect environment within the pit and structure during pump-out. To prevent asphyxiation and possible death, no human should ever enter pit without an approved self-contained breathing apparatus and harness, with at least two people outside the pit with a rescue line. Animals should be removed from the structure during pump-out.[11]

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