Genetic Regulation

The following genes affect development and differentiation of the female reproductive tract:

Wnt genes

Wnt genes are homologous to wingless. A Drosophila segment polarity gene encodes a secreted molecule implicated in patterning and establishment of cell boundaries during embryogenesis.

Wnt-7a. The Wnt gene guides the development of the anterior posterior axis in the female reproductive tract.[2]

Hox genes

Homeobox genes encode transcription factors that regulate genetic cascades for developmental destinies of cells.

Hoxa-10. Homeobox genes are required for urogenital duct patterning and uterine development.1-3-1

Hoxa-11. Lack of gene expression results in sterility in males and females, and complete fetal resorption during early pregnancy.[4]

Estrogen receptor (ER) and progesterone receptor (PR)

Female mice lacking ERa and PR have defects in adult reproductive tract functions that involve the ovary and/or the uterus.

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