Hides Skin And Woolhair

The largest component, based on value and volume, of animal by-products derived from the slaughter of food animals is the hide, in particular the hides derived from cattle. The skin of virtually every animal can be used to produce leather. Animal skins have been the source of clothing attire for man since historical times. Leather is used in a remarkable number of applications, including automobile and furniture upholstery, shoes, sporting goods, luggage, garments, gloves, and purses. A representative of the leather industry categorized leather utilization as 40% for upholstery, 50% for shoes and shoe leather, and 10% for other uses.[2] Leather garments are again increasing in vogue around the world. A very high percentage of hides, especially from cattle, produced in the United States are currently exported to China and Korea and, in lesser volume, to Mexico.

Pork skins are likewise a popular tissue used for garments and footwear, as are other skins from a number of minor species. Similarly, wool and hair have multiple uses based on their fiber properties. These qualities guide their usage into fabric, building insulation, and absorptive products. Synthetically derived products have challenged hide, skins, wool, and hair in nearly all of their traditional uses and will undoubtedly continue to do so in the future.

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