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The data represent all meat animals. Prototype was the bovine animal. Each number following a part is its percent of larger parts by weight. Example: scapula is <0.5% of 1fve animal. 1% of carcass, 5% of carcass skeleton, 10% of appendicular skeleton, 2U% of thoracic limb skeleton and 3% of total skeleton. Sum of percents within a group = 1002?. Parts in parentheses may be absent due to species, sex or stage of growth.

Fig. 1 Summary of the composition of meat animals.

Table 1 Average compositional variations among species of meat animals









Live weight, kg

Proportion of live weight

Noncarcass, % 38 46 27 42 48 18 23

Carcass muscle, % 35 32 36 40 25 50 39

Total 100 100 100 100 100 100 100

Dressing percent 62 54 73 58 52 82 77

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