Implementation Of Swine Behavior Management And Wellbeing On Us Farms

Two on-farm certification programs that can assess swine welfare on farm is the Certified Humane Raised and Handled certification program (http://www.certifiedhumane.

Table 1 Nine care and well being principles of SWAP


Care and Well-Being Principle (CWP)

Record keeping


Herd health and nutrition


Caretaker training

Animal observations


Animal observation


Body condition score




Handling and movement





Emergency support


Continuing assessment

and education

com/) overseen by the Humane Farm Animal Care and the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) which monitor and implement their scheme ( farm/alternatives.htm). The National Pork Board has recognized an on-farm program called the Swine Welfare Assurance Program™ (SWAP™), which is both an educational and internal assessment program sponsored through Checkoff dollars and monitored by the National Pork Board (Table 1). It is a voluntary science-based program designed to educate pork producers and to assess and improve pig welfare ( SWAPhome).

SWAP uses swine behavioral management to help manage and improve well-being on the farm. In CWP 2, titled Caretaker Training, caretakers are required to work through the Pork Quality Assurance ProgramTM. In addition, online learning courses on euthanasia, handling, and husbandry are available that explain natural pig behavior and biology and what tools a caretaker can use to reduce the stress imposed on those pigs.[12] CWP 3, titled Animal Observations, conducts a swine behavior test and records wounds, scratches, and abscesses. CWP 6, titled Handling and Movement, explains proper handling techniques required to move pigs, facility considerations, and the equipment that should be used as primary driving aids.

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