Many sizes and colors of ducks are available. They are usually arranged into classes by weight. Ducks in the heavy class weigh from 3.64 to as much as 5.90 kilograms (kg) when mature. In the commercial duck industry, these are used for the production of meat. Ducks in the medium class weigh from 2.72 to 3.63 kg, and those in the light class weigh 1.82 to 2.72 kg. Ducks in the light class may be used commercially for egg production. Bantam ducks generally weigh about 0.91 kg. All ducks need the same nutrients, although the concentration of nutrients that is needed may vary. The need for nutrients is affected mostly by the stage of a duck's life. When it is growing, it needs a higher concentration of nutrients than when it is mature. When a female is laying eggs for a long time, a duck needs a better quality diet than when it is not. This article will give a general presentation of the nutrition of ducks.

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