Eggs were a prized food since prehistoric times far before the domestication of the chickens and other birds. Eggs were gathered from nests of many avian species and considered a delicacy.[1]

The majority of edible eggs produced around the world today are laid by chickens. Intensive breeding has yielded systems that lay up to 300 eggs year-round, distinguishing the chicken from all other avian species. Duck eggs are popular in China, as they are used to produce the 100-year-old eggs (century eggs) and the salted eggs. These eggs are produced in small quantities in the West to cater to ethnic communities and for export to Asia.

Fresh or canned quail eggs are produced also in small commercial quantities in numerous countries such as India, Thailand, France, Israel, and the United States and can be found in supermarkets as specialty items. Fresh duck, goose, and turkey eggs are often found in farmers markets.

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