Poultry production refers to raising chickens, turkeys, and ducks for meat and egg consumption. Due to the limited availability of data on duck production systems, manure and wastewater management for only chickens and turkeys is discussed in this article. Chickens raised for meat are called broilers, whereas the egg-laying hens are known as layers. Over the years, poultry production in the United States has increased steadily due to greater consumer demand for poultry products. As a result, manure production from poultry operations has also increased, despite efficient nutrition and breeding advances. Additionally, poultry operations have increased in size and are regionally concentrated. Although poultry manure constituents (nitrogen, phosphorus, and organic matter, etc.) provide natural fertilizer to plants and improve soil quality, proper manure management from poultry operations is key to reaping these benefits without adversely impacting air and water resources.

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