In the article ''Aquatic Animals: Fishes Major,'' fish species that represented the largest share of global aquaculture were listed. In this article, fish species that are produced in lesser quantities globally but are still vital aquaculture industries are briefly discussed. Unlike the species that dominate production data (which have had large, stable production during the past decade), many of these minor species have undergone dramatic increases in production (e.g., gilthead sea bream and hybrid striped bass). Further , the culture of some of those species has taken commercial fishing pressure off wild stocks (e.g., European sea bass). Finally, production data are lacking for a number of the listed species because the species has only recently been considered a candidate for culture (e.g., pacu) or because production is more regional (Pangasius catfish) with little recorded production data available. However, many of these minor aquaculture species are extremely important to local/regional economies and/or diets, and production of some species may increase in the future to high levels. Although this list is by no means complete, it is hoped that it will serve as a brief introduction to the fish that constitute the majority of global finfish production.

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