Fat content of goat milk across breeds ranges from 2.45 to 7.76%. Average diameters of fat globules for goat, cow, buffalo, and sheep milks are reported as 3.49, 4.55, 5.92, and 3.30 mm, respectively.1-3,4-1 Smaller fat globules make a better dispersion and a more homogeneous mixture of fat in goat milk, providing a greater surface area of fat for enhanced digestive action by lipases.[4-6]

Goat milk fat contains 97 99% free lipids (of which about 97% is triglycerides) and 1 3% bound lipids (about 47% neutral and 53% polar lipids).[7] Goat milk fat has significantly higher levels of short- and medium-chain-length fatty acids (MCT) (C4:0 C14:0) than cow and human milks. This property has been utilized for treatment of a variety of fat malabsorption problems in patients.[3-6,8]

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