Maternal Recognition Of Pregnancy

Maintenance of pregnancy in mammals requires the continued integrity of the CL beyond its normal cyclic lifespan for progesterone production to support secretory functions of the endometrium that sustain early embryonic development, implantation, and placentation.[1-3] Mater nal recognition of pregnancy signals between the conceptus and maternal system[3] are luteotrophic if they directly promote luteal function, or antiluteolytic if they prevent uterine release of luteolytic prostaglandin F2, which would cause CL regression. Chorionic gonadotro-phin is the luteotrophic signal that acts directly on the CL of primates, as is mating-induced release of prolactin and placental lactogens in rodents. In domestic animals, antiluteolytic signals from the conceptus include estrogen and prolactin in pigs, interferon-tau in ruminants, and an undetermined factor(s) in horses.[4]

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