Meat Animal Byproducts General

Protein sources from the meat-processing industry generally contain highly digestible protein, and their amino acid (AA) pattern is often very similar to dietary needs. Beef

Table 1 Composition of selected animal by products (% or Mcal/kg for ME and NE, data on DM basis)a

Protein source DM

Animal fats:b Beef tallow Choice white grease Lard

Poultry fat Restaurant grease

Beef scrap, dried 87.8

Blood meal, conventional 91.7

Blood meal, spray/ring dried 93.0

Bone meal, steamed 97.0

Casein 91.3

Crab meal 95.0

Feather meal, hydrolyzed 93.2

Fish meal, anchovy, mech ext 92.0

Fish meal, herring, mech ext 93.0

Fish meal, menhad, mech ext 91.7

Fish meal, white, mech ext 91.0 Fish oils:b Anchovy Herring Menhaden

Fish solubles, condensed 51.0

Fish solubles, dried 92.0

Meat and bone meal, rend 93.3

Meat meal, rend 93.4

Milk, skim, dried 96.0 Oyster, shells, groundb

Plasma protein, spray dried 91.0

Poult by product meal, rend 93.0

Poult litter, cage, dried 89.0

Poult litter, floor, dried 85.0

Shrimp meal 90.0

Whey, dried 94.5

Whey, liquid 13.9

Whey, low lactose, dried 93.5






NEg (Ru) Eth Ex Lino acid

100.0 10.20



100.0 1.15

100.0 2.15


aME metabolizable energy; NE net energy; DM dry matter; ME (Sw) ME for swine; MEn (Po) N corrected ME for poultry; NEm (Ru) NE for maintenance for ruminants; NEg (Ru) NE for growth for ruminants; Eth Ex ether extract; Lino Acid linoleic acid; mech ext mechanically extracted; menhad menhaden; rend rendered; Poult poultry. Dash no available data.

bNo available moisture, ether insoluble, or unsaponifiable matter content or DM content; thus, the values are on as fed basis. (Data from Refs. 1 and 4 9.)

scrap or meal, meat meal, and meat and bone meal are, however, low in tryptophan, and blood meal is low in isoleucine. Meat meal and meat and bone meal are excellent sources of many minerals and vitamins, especially Ca, P, and vitamin B12. Blood meals are generally a poor source of vitamins and minerals, except Fe. Bone meal is a good source of Ca and P.

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