Meat ByProduct Meals and Blood Products

Beef scrap is made from the waste materials of the beef-slaughtering operations. Steamed bone meal is produced by heating bones in a pressurized cooker to remove fat and other materials. Meat meal and meat and bone meal are made from carcass trimming, condemned carcasses and livers, offal, and bones. They are also prepared from the rendering of dead animals. Meat meal consists of mostly meat trimmings and organs, and is distinguished from meat and bone meal based on its P content. If the product contains more than 4.4% P, it is considered meat and bone meal. Blood meal produced by conventional vat cooking and drying processes has poor palatability and low lysine availability. Spray-drying and flash-drying procedures have improved the quality of blood meal. The plasma fraction of blood yields a fine, light-tan powder. Spray-dried product, plasma protein, is highly palatable and may have a positive effect on the immune system of the young pig.

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