Metabolism And Transport Of Lipids Digestion

Complex lipids in dietary fats must be simplified or digested in the gastrointestinal tract or gut to be absorbed (Fig. 4).[1,8,9] Rumen microbes simplify the ingested feedstuffs, so that the ruminant animal absorbs many microbial products. In ruminants and nonruminants, lipase enzymes secreted by the stomach, small intestine, and pancreas digest the fat (mostly TAG, PL, and CE). The digestive tract and its contents, including the lipases, are aqueous in nature so that lipid components must be emulsified for effective lipase action and efficient absorption. Emulsification is the combination of hydro-phobic (lipids) and hydrophilic (bile acids) components to make the former relatively hydrophilic. Bile acids are derivatives of C, made in the liver, and secreted in bile into the small intestine.

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