Micro Arrays

A truly genomic approach to evaluating gene expression is to observe the expression of all genes in the genome. Unfortunately, this is possible only for a limited number of species, and for mammalian species there are currently more genes than can fit on standard matrices. One of the species for which all of the reagents are available is yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). The genome of S. cerevisiae has been completely sequenced and all of the potentially expressed transcripts determined. All of the transcripts for S. cerevisiae (approximately 6220 transcripts) will fit on most expression array media (nylon membranes or glass slides). One of the first gene expression functional genomic studies in yeast determined the genes differentially expressed due to heat shock,[5] and since that time numerous other studies have been conducted to evaluate differences in expression due to growth conditions[6] or stage of cell cycle.[7]

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