Minerals And Vitamins In Goat Milk Minerals

Goat milk contains about 134 mg Ca and 141 mg P/100 g (Table 1). Human milk contains only one-fourth to one-sixth of these mineral amounts. Goat milk has higher calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and chlorine, but lower sodium and sulfur contents, than cow milk[3,4,12] (Table 1).

There is a close inverse relationship between lactose content and the molar sum of sodium and potassium contents of goat and other species' milks.[4,12] Chloride is positively correlated with potassium and negatively with lactose, but sodium is not significantly correlated with K, Cl, and lactose. Concentrations of trace minerals are affected by diet, breed, animal, and stages of lactation.[12] The average mineral content of goat milk is higher than that of cow milk. However, goat milk has a lower degree of hydration, and has an inverse relationship between the mineralization of the micelle and its hydration.[13]

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