Nonconventional Alternative Feedstuffs

In addition to the more conventional by-products mentioned earlier, many other possible by-products and waste products can be and are fed. In most instances, these are by-products from the food processing and food preparation industries. Examples include cannery waste, damaged or expired foods, surplus foods, and off-spec food and food ingredients, etc. To identify those materials offering potential as a feedstuff, one should attempt to answer the following:'10' 1) Does it have potential nutritional value for livestock and poultry? 2) Is it likely to be palatable and acceptable to the animals? 3) Does it contain contaminants? 4) Does it contain toxic substances or chemical residues? 5) What is the amount and sea-sonality of production? 6) What are the handling and storage considerations?

Vegetarian Food and Cooking

Vegetarian Food and Cooking

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