Nutrition And The Environment

Phosphorus (P) has emerged as an environmental issue with respect to surface-water quality. In order for animal agriculture to comply with new P-based land application regulations and the reductions in watershed scale nutrient loading imposed by total maximum daily load (TMDL) agreements in many U.S. states, it is imperative that 1) excreta P produced by the animals be minimized as much as possible through efficient animal nutrient management practices, such as dietary modification; and 2) the effects of dietary changes on the forms, availability, and transport of P in manure-amended soils be evaluated. Recent studies at Michigan State University and Purdue University demonstrate that the NRC nutrient recommendations1-8-1 for P for turkeys are adequate for maximizing growth. Therefore, industry diets, containing at least 30% greater P, were not justified and led to substantially greater P excretion. Further reductions in litter P excretion can be achieved when microbial phytase (after reducing dietary P by 0.08%) or 25-hydroxy vitamin D3 (after reducing dietary P by 0.03%) are fed.[9]

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