Nutritional Stress

Pasture management is of great importance in maintaining a healthy productive herd, although goats are known to survive on vegetation too rough for other livestock. Undernourishment in goats makes them prone to diseases, particularly nematode infections. Meat goats are normally housed without feed in slaughter plant holding pens prior to harvesting, primarily to reduce fecal contamination of carcasses. Holding at the slaughter facility for limited periods also helps goats recover from transportation stress prior to slaughter.[3- However, prolonged feed deprivation, social disruption, and the novelty of environment that accompany preslaughter holding may increase stress responses and metabolic changes. Feed deprivation has been reported to increase plasma cortisol concentration in Spanish goats.[3- Despite certain advantages, feed deprivation in slaughter goats may result in the reduction of live and carcass weights, which is of economic significance.

and blood sampling by using a restraint device and a rewards program, because they can remember positive encounters very well.[8]

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