Other Protein Sources

Yeast products, such as brewer's and Torula dried yeast, contain high-quality protein and are an excellent source of B vitamins. The most often used nonprotein N for animals with a functioning rumen is urea, which is hydrolyzed and then ammonia can be incorporated into AA and proteins by rumen microbes. Dried poultry litter from caged layers or broiler operations is not suitable for nonruminant species, but can be used as a source of N for ruminants in some situations. Crystalline lysine and methionine have been used by the pig and poultry industries for some time, and threonine and tryptophan are now commercially available. There is potential to replace all the intact protein supplement with crystalline AA, even though current research findings indicate some limitations to this approach. Other protein sources can be used for food animal production: Readers are referred to, among others, the aforementioned NRC publications1-5-8-1 and reviews.[3-4,9-11]

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