Preventive Medications

Preventive medications are used routinely for preventing coccidiosis (coccidiostats) and necrotic enteritis (Bacitracin and/or probiotics) in litter floor growing houses.

Table 2 Preventive medication programs for Mycoplasma gallisepticum control





20 30 g/ton

Continuous feeding

through peak


200 g/ton

1 week each month


200 g/ton

1 week each month


100 g/ton

1 week each month

Even though the use of cage growing has greatly minimized the use of coccidiostats and antibiotics, some cage units that have had coccidiosis in the past also use coccidiostats for selected times during growing. Although vaccination is the most common method of preventing Mg, some producers use government-approved antibiotics for all or part of the lay cycle in order to prevent this disease (Table 2).

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