Over the last half-century, selective breeding programs and improved feeds and management have contributed to the tremendous growth in commercial goose production. During the period 1961 2002, the world production of goose meat increased from 149,717 to 2,073,016 metric tons.[1] Yet, goose today takes only fourth place after chicken, turkey, and duck among poultry species, contributing 2.8% of total poultry meat output.[2] Goose meat production in developing countries exceeds that of developed countries, and in such a top market as the United States, goose meat products are merely marginal. In 2002, China had stocks of 215,000,000 live geese and produced the lion's share (92%) of goose meat in the world 1,926,150 metric tons, most of it (>99%) for internal consumption. According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) statistics,[4] other leaders in world goose production are Egypt, Hungary, Romania, Madagascar, and Russia.

A recognized goose delicacy is fattened liver, or foie gras. Today, foie gras is chiefly made in France, Hungary, Poland, Israel, Canada, and the United States. Although in the 1950s foie gras in France was exclusively produced from geese, current production consists of 94% from ducks and only 6% from geese.[3] In 2003, the largest goose liver operation in Asia was in China, with an annual processing volume of 2.5 million geese. World annual consumption of this product can reach 15,000 tons at the price of US$40 50/kg.[4] The World Society for the Protection of Animals leads a campaign against the forcefeeding of geese and ducks, and the practice has been banned in Denmark, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Israel.

Goose down and feathers are commonly used for pillows, mattresses, comforters, furniture upholstery, and outerwear linings. World production is estimated to be in the thousands of tons, most of which originates in China, Hungary, and Poland, although Canadian white goose feathers are among the best.

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