Production Of Quality Goat Milk

Fresh goat milk is a white, opaque liquid with a slightly sweet taste and practically no odor.[3] Milk drawn from the lacteal glands is highly perishable. It is adversely affected by improper practices of feeding, handling of animals and milk during and after milking, and of its cooling and transportation, pasteurization, processing, packaging, and processing equipment.[3,4] High-quality goat milk must contain no pathogens or foreign substances, such as antibiotics, antiseptics, or pesticide res-idues,[3,5] and it is indistinguishable in taste and odor from quality cow's milk.

Pasteurization and protection from sunlight or UV light control oxidized and ''goaty'' flavors. Goaty flavor is attributable to caproic, caprylic, and capric acids, which are present at high levels in goat milk fat and subject to release from fat globule membranes by lipases if improper milking and processing are practiced.[3,6]

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