Eggs are sold in many forms, both in the shell and with the shell removed.[3] In a 1996 survey of egg products found in 81 supermarkets located in 28 cities throughout the United States, the average store displayed 8 9 shell egg products (white, brown, and specialty eggs of different sizes) and 5 liquid or frozen products. It is currently estimated that 5 6% of all eggs sold in the United States are brown shelled.

Specialty eggs, a recent growth item for the egg industry (currently 3 4% of all eggs sold in the United States at the retail level) include eggs produced by modifying the diet of the flock (65% of the total), eggs produced by hens under welfare conditions (floor or freerange conditions) (22% of the total), fertile eggs (7% of the total), and organic eggs (from hens fed rations with ingredients that were grown without pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or commercial fertilizers other restrictions may apply) (7% of the total).[4]

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