Prohibited and Permitted Animals Prohibition of Blood

Meat of pigs is strictly prohibited, and so are carnivorous animals and birds of prey. Some of the animal and birds are permitted only under special circumstances, e.g., horsemeat may be allowed under certain distressing conditions. Animals fed unclean or filthy feed, e.g., sewage or tankage protein, must be fed clean feed for three to 40 days before slaughter. Eggs and milk must come from permitted animals. According to Quran, blood that pours forth is prohibited from being consumed whether from permitted or nonpermitted animals and any derivatives.

For seafood, some groups accept only fish with scales as halal, while others consider everything that lives in water, all or some of the time, as halal. Animals that live both in water and on land (e.g., amphibians) are not consumed by most Muslims.

The status of insects is unclear, except that locust is specifically mentioned as halal. The use of honey was very highly recommended by Prophet Muhammad. Other insect products are generally acceptable; however, some consider shellac and carmine makrooh offensive to their psyche.

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