Promotion Advertising And Research

Eggs are commonly branded with either the store's name or the packer's logo. Relatively few eggs are nationally branded, with the exception of several brands of specialty eggs. Advertising on a short-term basis is primarily the responsibility of the retailer with financial assistance from the supplier. Such advertising (typically in newspapers and flyers) is usually associated with a sale (eggs sold at a substantial reduction in price from the usual price for that store or chain).

The American Egg Board (AEB)[8] is the egg industry's broad linkage to the consumer in promoting egg consumption through media advertisements. Funding of its activities is from a nationally legislated checkoff of all egg producers with more than 75,000 hens. In 2002, AEB spent $18 million in various promotional activities. Almost $10 million was spent on advertising, $3.3 million on nutrition programs, $1.7 million for industry and market development, and $1 million for food service programs. In addition, AEB funds and operates the Egg Nutrition Center, which promotes research on eggs.

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