Protein And Amino Acid Needs Of Broilers

The need for crude protein reflects a need for the amino acids needed by the broiler. Some of these amino acids, considered as nutritionally indispensable, must be present in the diet in adequate amounts. Others, considered as nutritionally dispensable, can be synthesized from other closely related amino acids or from structurally related fats or carbohydrates through the process known as transamination. Although there is not a specific requirement for crude protein per se, sufficient protein must be present to support a nitrogen pool for synthesis of the dispensable amino acids. At the present time, it is not possible to suggest a minimum crude protein level that will sustain adequate performance in broilers of different ages.

Broilers must receive a well-balanced mixture of amino acids to sustain their genetic capability of rapid growth. This is usually provided as a mixture of intact protein supplements and synthetic amino acids. Soybean meal is almost universally considered the premier protein source for broiler diets. Amino acids commonly used in broiler diets include methionine and lysine. Threonine and tryptophan are also available, but their usage is less common.

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