Quantitative Inheritance

Selection implies a differential reproductive rate. Some animals are allowed to reproduce extensively, some limitedly, and some not at all. We select superior animals, hoping that at least some of the mean superiority of the parents will be demonstrated by the offspring. The h2 is used to predict genetic progress between the selected and nonselected populations and should be appropriately used to make predictions in the environment within which it was calculated. The genotype of an individual is determined at fertilization, but the estimate of h2 that is used to predict the genotype is influenced by temporary environmental effects, interactions between genotype and environment, and other factors, including age.

Goats contribute significantly to the food resources of the world. Producers around the world will continue to seek genetics that they believe will increase their financial value and their existing genetic resources. The traditional mating systems pure breeding, artificial insemination (AI, which has been used in dairy goats), crossbreeding, development of synthetics, and variations thereof have been used with some success in developing countries.[11] Genetic progress in goat breeding will be realized when these mating systems are used judiciously, by matching goat genotypes with the environments and in tandem with modern genetic tools. Further readings on topics discussed are provided in Refs. [1 3,8].

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