Regulation Of Ruminal Kinetics

The National Research Council (NRC)[11] has indicated the need for a kinetic model of ruminant digestion involving rates of digestion and ruminal escape of feed fragments. The current NRC model[11] assumes that digestion and escape rates are singular attributes of the feed. In contrast, we propose[6,12-14] that ruminal kinetics are the result of complex interactions among the ruminants' nutritional status, the physical aspects of ruminative mastication, and nutritional attributes of the feed by rumen microbial interactions involving RDP, maPDF, and IDF.

Lippke[15] observed that digestible organic matter intake from forage and, consequently, live-weight gains by forage-fed ruminants could be accurately accounted for by considering the chemically extracted correlate of IDF, acid detergent fiber, and crude protein. Live-weight gains could be estimated more accurately than digestibility and intake rate differences that reflect the importance of net flux of nutrients from the rumen and specific constraints of miIDF upon the intake rate of NDF and the rate of and efficiency of digestion of maPDF.

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