Tallow And Lard

Another important by-product is animal fat. Lard is the fat rendered from hogs, whereas tallow is a harder fat rendered from cattle and sheep. Both have been used extensively for deep-fat frying, but this use has declined due to consumer health concerns and the increased use of vegetable oils. Furthermore, edible tallow and lard are used in the manufacturing of margarine and shortening.

Tallow provides a beneficial and wide array of products such as various soaps. Oleic acid (18 carbon fatty acid) is extracted from tallow and is used to make lubricants, textiles, shampoo, emulsifiers, and cleansing cream. It is an excellent source of glycerin and is used to manufacture inks, glues, solvents, antifreeze, and explosives. Stearic acid (18 carbon saturated fatty acid) is used in rubber tire manufacturing to provide a means of cooling the rubber when driving, and it is also used in lubricants for airplanes and cars. Linoleic acid (omega 6 fatty acid) is used to make certain lubricants and paints.[2]

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