The Concept of Digestibility

Digestibility is a measure of the disappearance of a nutrient from the digestive tract and is assumed to equate the degree of absorption of the nutrient from the gut lumen. Digestibility measurements do not provide any indication of the fate of the absorbed nutrient, but they are used as a reasonable estimate of AA availability.[4]

Amino acid digestibility

Ileal AA digestibility coefficients provide better estimates of AA availability in swine feed ingredients than faecal

Table 1 Techniques used in collecting ileal digesta from pigs

Cannulation techniques Simple T cannula Post valve T cannula (PVTC) Steered ileal caecal valve cannula Re entrant cannula Isolation of the large bowel Ileo rectal anastomosis Ileostomy Slaughter and ileal dissection digestibility coefficients1-4-1 because AAs that disappear from the hindgut are not available to the animal. The measurement of ileal AA digestibility coefficients requires sampling of digesta at the distal ileum. Techniques used for this purpose have been reviewed in detail.1-5-1 The techniques can be grouped into three main categories, namely those that involve cannulation, isolation of the large bowel, and slaughter of the animal (Table 1). Each of these techniques has limitations that create specific challenges in their use as discussed elsewhere.[5-

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