Unprocessed eggs must be transported to the processing plant; processed eggs must be delivered to nearby warehouses or retail stores; surplus eggs must be transported to adjoining states or distant markets; and egg for export must be shipped overseas. Nearby delivery costs are variable because of differences in lot sizes, while interstate costs are more standardized because of more competition.

Local direct deliveries may cost 15 to 25 cents or more per dozen due to the profile of purchases, the quantity of eggs per drop-off, the number of stops per truckload, smaller truckloads, and slower local traffic. On the other hand, transportation costs from surplus to deficit egg-producing states (for example, Iowa to California) are in the 10 to 12 cents per dozen range ($2250 to $2500 per truckload for 750 to 800 30-dozen egg cases).

Costs for transporting liquid eggs are usually less (estimated to be 7 to 8 cents per dozen) because tanker trucks utilize space more efficiently (liquid vs. in the shell), 100% of the weight is product as opposed to only 90% for eggs in the shell (10% shell), and no pallets or containers are required. Loading and unloading is also less labor intensive.

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