Why Redesign Animalderived Food

In redesigning meat, milk, and eggs, we want to improve healthfulness by decreasing content of total fat and cholesterol and by increasing the ratio of unsaturated to saturated fatty acids. We should increase the consistency of tenderness of meat, especially beef, and improve its stability including both resistance to rancidity and bacteriostatic properties. We should look for ways to decrease food cost to the consumer while increasing the yield for the producer. Also, the consumer has requested quick and easy food preparation. Finally, environmental issues including a decrease in nitrogen and phosphorus waste in animal production systems should be addressed. Historically, it was probably the concern for fats, fatty acids, and cholesterol that occurred in the late '70s that initiated this trend toward redesigning animal-derived food. To continue this trend, it is timely for the animal food industry to take advantage of the current emphasis and popularity of functional foods and nutraceuticals and make some favorable changes to ensure healthful diets in the future.

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