Adjuvant Therapy

After the above steps in treatment, adjuvant therapy depends on the stage.

Stages I—II Brachytherapy (intracavitary radiation)

Stages III-IV External beam radiation

Hormone therapy: Progestin therapy is often used as adjuvant hormonal therapy:

■ If the cancer is progesterone receptor positive—70% have a 5-year survival.

■ If the cancer is receptor negative—15 to 20% have a 5-year survival.

Chemotherapy is used only for cancers that recur outside the pelvis.

Doxorubicin Cisplatin


Uterine sarcoma is classified separately from endometrial cancer:

■ Presents as a rapidly enlarging mass with bleeding

■ Not from fibroids (< 1% of fibroids progress to cancer)

■ Poor prognosis

Most cases are diagnosed with exploratory surgery for what was thought to be a uterine myoma (fibroid).

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