Antihypertensive Agents Used in Pregnancy Short Term Control

■ Hydralazine: IV or PO, direct vasodilator

Side effects: Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)-like syndrome, headache, palpitations

■ Labetalol: IV or PO, nonselective beta-1 and alpha-1 blocker Side effects: Headache and tremor

Long-Term Control

■ Methyldopa: PO, false neurotransmitter

Side effects: Postural hypotension, drowsiness, fluid retention

■ Nifedipine: PO, calcium channel blocker Side effects: Edema, dizziness

■ Atenolol: PO, selective beta-1 blocker Side effect: breathlessness

25% of seizures are before labor. 50% of seizures are during labor. 25% of seizures are post-labor (may be encountered up to 10 days postpartum).

Magnesium toxicity (7 to 10 mEq/L) is associated with loss of patellar reflexes. Treat with calcium gluconate 10% solution 1 g IV.


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