One to four percent of pregnancies are complicated by asthma:

■ 25% of asthmatics worsen in pregnancy.

Management EXAM FACT

■ Generally, asthma is exacerbated by respiratory tract infections, so killed influenza vaccine should be given.

■ Pregnant asthmatics can be treated with theophylline, beta sympatho-mimetics, or steroids.

Cardiac output increases by 30 to 50% by midpregnancy.

Blood volume increases 50%% by 30th week.

Twenty-five percent of women with mitral stenosis have cardiac failure for the first time during pregnancy.

Prolapse = okay to be Pregnant Stenosis = Sick in pregnancy w

Asthmatics have no increase risk of fetal malformations.

Management of Status Asthmaticus m Give oxygen. m Give SQ terbutaline. m Give IV corticosteroids.

Dealing With Asthma Naturally

Dealing With Asthma Naturally

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