Epilepsy and Pregnancy

■ Epileptic women taking anticonvulsants during pregnancy have double the general population risk of malformations and preeclampsia.

■ Women with a convulsive disorder have an increased risk of birth defects even when they do not take anticonvulsant medications.

Folic acid supplementation is increased in the epileptic patient to 5 mg/day.

Pregnant epileptics are more prone to seizures due to the associated stress and fatigue of pregnancy.

The fetus is at risk for megaloblastic anemia.

The pregnant female and her fetus are at risk for hemorrhage due to a deficiency of vitamin K-dependent clotting factors induced by anticonvulsant drugs.

Management of the epileptic female should begin with prepregnancy counseling.

Anticonvulsant therapy should be reduced to the minimum dose of the minimum number of anticonvulsant medications. Folic acid supplementation (5 mg/day) should be taken by those women taking anticonvulsants.

Once pregnant, the patient should be screened for NTDs and congenital malformations.

Blood levels of anticonvulsant medications should be checked at the beginning of pregnancy to determine the drug level that controls epileptic episodes successfully.

The majority of new cases of AIDS in women are among those 20 to 29 years of age.

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