Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation

Eighty to 90% of tubal ligations are done laparoscopically. All methods occlude the fallopian tubes bilaterally.


This involves the cauterization of a 3-cm zone of the isthmus. It is the most popular method (very effective but most difficult to reverse).

Tubal ligation is twice as common as vasectomy.

Tubal ligation facts:

■ Electrocautery method is most popular and most difficult to reverse.

■ Clipping method is most easily reversed but also the most likely to fail.


The Hulka clip, similar to a staple, is applied at a 90° angle on the isthmus. It is the most easily reversed method but also has the highest failure rate.


A length of isthmus is drawn up into the end of the trocar, and a silicone band, or Falope ring, is placed around the base of the drawn-up portion of fallopian tube.

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