Postdelivery Tasks

1. Clear the nasopharynx:

■ To minimize infant aspiration of amniotic fluid debris and blood that may occur once the thorax is delivered and the baby can inspire

■ Use a bulb syringe to aspirate the mouth and nares.

2. Clamping and cutting the cord:

■ The umbilical cord is clamped by two instruments and cut in between.

■ The infant is handed to the pediatrician/nurse/assistant for examination.

■ A sample of cord blood is taken from the umbilical cord that remains attached to the placenta.

Squeeze the bulb-suction between fingers first, then place in fetal mouth/nares.

Postdelivery, the uterus should be firm and contracted, like a globular ball.

Signs of placental separation typically occur within 5 minutes of infant delivery.

Placental delivery should never be forced before placental separation has occurred, otherwise inversion of the uterus may occur.

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