Present Patient Information in an Organized Manner

Here is a template for the "bullet" presentation:

"This is a [age]-year-old [gender] with a history of [major history such as abdominal surgery, pertínent OB/GYN history] who presented on [date] with [major symptoms, such as pelvic pain, fever], and was found to have [working diagnosis]. [Tests done] showed [results]. Yesterday the patient [state important changes, new plan, new tests, new medications]. This morning the patient feels [state the patient's words], and the physical exam is significant for [state major findings]. Plan is [state plan].

The newly admitted patient generally deserves a longer presentation following the complete history and physical format (see below).

Some patients have extensive histories. The whole history can and probably should be present in the admission note, but in ward presentation it is often too much to absorb. In these cases, it will be very much appreciated by your team if you can generate a good summary that maintains an accurate picture of the patient. This usually takes some thought, but it's worth it.

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