■ Prolonged rupture of membranes: The rupture of membranes > 18 to 24 hours before labor. Patients who do not go into labor immediately will have prolonged rupture of membranes and are at increasing risk of infection as the duration of rupture increases:

■ Chorioamnionitis and other infections

■ Neonatal infection

■ Umbilical cord prolapse

Only if preterm PROM:

■ Prematurity: If PROM occurs at < 37 weeks, the fetus is at risk of being born prematurely.

■ Oligohydramnios: If PROM occurs at < 24 weeks, there is a risk of oligohydramnios (depleted amniotic fluid), which may cause pulmonary hy-poplasia. Survival at this age is low.

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