Surgical Treatment

These are several types of surgical repairs for each type of prolapse. Cystocele

Kelly plication (anterior vaginal repair)—endopelvic fascial reinforcement via vaginal approach

Lefort procedure/colpocleisis—surgical obliteration of the vaginal canal Burch/Marshall-Marchetti-Krantz procedures—urethrovescicular suspension via abdominal approach

Sling procedure—elevation of bladder neck and urethra via vaginal and abdominal approaches


Posterior repair—posterior vaginal wall reinforcement with levator ani muscles via vaginal approach

Moschovitz repair—approximation of endopelvic fascia and uterosacral ligaments via abdominal approach to prevent an enterocele

Uterine Prolapse

Hysterectomy—a uterine prolapse often occurs in conjunction with another prolapse, and so combined repairs are usually performed.

Reversible causes of urinary incontinence: "DIAPPERS" Delerium Infection

Atrophic vaginitis Pharmacologic causes Psychiatric causes Excessive urine production Restricted mobility Stool impaction


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