Typical Clinical Presentation

Signs/symptoms are usually from metastasis. Ovarian cancer typically spreads by exfoliation of cancerous cells into the peritoneal fluid. The peritoneal fluid carries it to other structures in the abdomen.

Ovarian cancer is deadliest gynecologic cancer because it is difficult to detect before dissemination. It is the second most common gynecologic cancer.

70% of cases of ovarian cancer are diagnosed at stage III or IV.

Epithelial cell ovarian cancer accounts for 90% of all ovarian cancers.

Serous type of epithelial ovarian cancer is the most common type of ovarian cancer and is bilateral 65% of the time.

Typical scenario:

A postmenopausal woman with widening girth notices that she can no longer button her pants. Diagnosis: Ovarian cancer.

Omental caking is a fixed pelvic and upper abdominal mass with ascites. It is nearly pathognomonic for ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer spread is normally through the peritoneal fluid, which carries cancer cells to other abdominal structures.

Ovarian cancer metastasis to the umbilicus is "Sister Mary Joseph's nodule."

Large ovarian tumors can cause bowel obstruction and other GI symptoms.

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