By Microorganisms 203

Wolfgang Fritsche and Martin Hofrichter

7.1 Introduction: Characteristics of Aerobic Microorganisms Capable of Degrading Organic Pollutants 203

7.2 Principles of Bacterial Degradation 205

7.2.1 Typical Aerobic Degrading Bacteria 205

7.2.2 Growth-associated Degradation of Aliphatics 206

7.2.3 Diversity of Aromatic Compounds: Unity of Catabolic Processes 210

7.2.4 Extension of Degradative Capacities 212 Cometabolic Degradation of Organopollutants 212 Overcoming Persistent Pollutants by Cooperation Between Anaerobic and Aerobic Bacteria 214

7.3 Degradative Capacities of Fungi 216

7.3.1 Metabolism of Organopollutants by Microfungi 216 Aliphatic Hydrocarbons 216 Aromatic Compounds 217

7.3.2 Degradative Capabilities of Basidiomycetous Fungi 220 The Ligninolytic Enzyme System 220 Degradation of Organopollutants 224

7.4 Conclusions 225 References 226

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