General Considerations for the Choice of Aerobic or Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems

If a producer of wastewater has to decide whether to install an aerobic or an anaerobic waste or wastewater treatment system, several points should be considered:

• Anaerobic treatment in general does not lead to the low pollution standards of COD, BOD5, or TOC that can be met with aerobic systems and which are required by environmental laws. Anaerobic treatment of wastes and wastewater is often considered a pretreatment process to minimize the oxygen demand and surplus sludge formation in a subsequent aerobic post-treatment stage. Only after a final aerobic treatment can the COD, BOD5, or TOC concentration limits stated in the environmental laws be met. If limiting concentrations for nitrogen and phosphate also have to be achieved, further treatment steps such as nitrification, denit-rification, and biological or chemical phosphate removal, must be considered.

• Highly concentrated wastewater should in general be treated anaerobically, because of the possibility of energy recovery in biogas and the much lower amounts of surplus sludge to be disposed of. For aerobic treatment, a high aeration rate is necessary and much surplus sludge is generated. Aeration causes aerosol formation and eventually requires off-gas purification.

• The efficiency of COD degradation for the bulk mass in concentrated wastewater or sludges (degradability of organic pollutants) generally seems to be about similar in aerobic or anaerobic bacteria. However, the degradation rates may be faster in aerobic treatment procedures than in anaerobic treatment procedures.

• Wastewater with a low concentration of organic pollutants should be treated aero-bically due to its higher process stability at low pollutant concentrations, although aerobic treatment is more expensive and more sludge remains for disposal. If mineralized sludge is required, aerobic treatment at a low loading or at prolonged hydraulic retention times is necessary to reinforce respiration of all endogenous reserve material.

• Anaerobic treatment systems are more expensive to construct but less expensive to operate than aerobic treatment systems.

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