Physiological factors important for in vivo aroma release of beverages

Various physiological factors can influence the release of aroma compounds under in vivo conditions, and the effect of these factors can differ between people. Foods can undergo temperature changes once introduced in the mouth. A higher temperature leads to a stronger partitioning of volatiles in the air phase at equilibrium conditions. This has been demonstrated previously for a range of aroma compounds (Roberts and Acree 1995, Brown et al. 1996, Deibler and Acree 1999). In the case of solid products, chewing efficiency can influence aroma release. Different chewing styles and large person-to-person variation was observed while chewing gels (Wright et al. 2003, Brown et al. 1996). Pionnier and co-workers were able to partly relate interpersonal differences in aroma release under in vivo conditions to differences in respiratory and masticatory parameters (Pionnier et al. 2004). Since liquid products experience only very limited oral processing, these issues appear to be less important for beverages.

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