The incidence of deafness associated with ethacrynic acid has been reported to be 0.7% [3]. The incidence of audiometric changes (defined as a 15-dB eleva-

Coils Cochlea
FIGURE 2. Schematic diagram of the cochlear duct. Organ of corti outlined by dashed rectangle. The endolymph is formed by stria vascularis. Scala vestibuli and scala tympani contain perilymph. Reprinted by permission from Essential Otolaryngology, K. J. Lee editor, Appleton & Lange Publishers.

tion of pure tone auditory thresholds) is estimated to be 1.1% for bumetanide and 6.4% for furosemide [4]. Animal studies also suggest that bumetanide is less ototoxic than furosemide [2],

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