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The lead astrologer of the astrology source is Deborah Fenlon-Browning. Other astrologer like Art Poppe, Agnes Ronco, and Jeff Jawler all play big roles to offer you the best service possible. She has been a practicing astrologer for over 28 years now and for years her work was limited to off line publications and regional work until 1996 when the site was launched. She is popularly known for her supply of horoscopes to different websites and newspaper and is a Yahoo award winning astrologer. She made it her mission to educate the knowledge of self using astrology as an important tool. She and her fellow astrologers has helped a lot of people in the world find out who they really are and know more about their zodiac signs. This is a website that offers you details and information that are related only to astrology. Here you will find professional report, educational and other resources to help new comers obtain a better understanding of astrology. If you register with them, any information you require will be sent to your e-mail address within the space of 24 hours. This website is meant for anyone who requires the assistance of an astrologer or who needs information and knowledge about astrology. You don't need to have any technical skill just go to their and learn what you need to know. Read more here...

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Para Religious Beliefs

Women are also higher in adhering to para-religious beliefs, or the occult, such as astrology, telepathy, and fortune-telling, as well as readier to believe in various miracle drugs (Emmons & Sobal, 1981 Markle, Petersen, & Wagenfeld, 1978 Wuthnow, 1976 Zeidner & Beit-Hallahmi, 1988). In 1999, a survey of 3,569 university students in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, the United States, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, and Portugal looked at involvement in religious and esoteric beliefs and practices. It was found that females were both more religious and more involved in esoteric beliefs and practices (Hollinger & Smith, 2002).

Provisional Expectancieshypotheses Theory See Tolmans Theory

PSEUDOSCIENTIFIC AND UNCONVENTIONAL THEORIES. The term pseudoscience refers to a system of theories and methods that claims falsely to be scientific, or is a system that is falsely regarded by some people to be scientific. The term pseudopsy-chology is an approach to psychology that employs unscientific, even fraudulent, methods in it investigations and the term unconventional theory (in particular, in psychology, in reference to therapeutic theoretical approaches) refers to those methods of treating mind, body, or mind-body interactions, that are not considered by the scientific and professional community to be mainstream approaches. Among the pseudoscientific theories methods that impact on, or challenge, scientific psychology are the following astrology (the belief that the location of the stars and planets at the time of one's conception and or birth influences their lives subsequently) biological rhythms biorhythms (periodic variations in one's physiological and psychological...

Threephase Developmental Theory See Murphys Biosocial Theory

This effect is based on the notion of population stereotype (i.e., in a situation involving an apparent arbitrary choice, a particular option may be chosen by a large proportion of a given population, and refers to a manner of thinking perceiving behaving that is statistically significant within the population), and is used frequently by performers and conjurers pretending to project their thoughts telepathically onto individuals in an audience. In this case, the performer says that he will think of a two-digit number between 1 and 50, and the number will have both digits odd but not the same. Then, the performer says, as an example, that 15 would be all-right but 11 would not because the two odd digits are the same. Subsequently, when asked which members of the audience got 37, it's likely that more than one-third of them thought of the number 37. This is due to the following reasons the digits 3 and 7 are population stereotypes and the performer's...

Biological Theories Of Depression See Depression Theories Of

And problems are likely to occur throughout one's life. The history of the biorhythm theory is traceable back to the late 19th century in Europe. Initially (in 1897), a Berlin surgeon, Wilhelm Fliess (1848-1928), proposed that a 23-day male period and a 28-day female period occurs in humans (it is interesting that Sigmund Freud seems to have been an admirer of Fliess's biorhythm theory, as noted in their mutual letters and correspondence in one case, Freud referred to Fliess as the Kepler of biology). There are several features in modern biorhythm theory (beginning in the 1970s) that are not present in Fliess's original version of the theory (e.g., three cycles instead of two the beginning of the cycles at the moment of birth no variations in the durations of 23-, 28-, or 33-day periods). It was the three-cycle sinusoidal version of biorhythm theory that became a huge fad with the general public in the United States in the 1970s. For a comprehensive review of biorhythm theory, see...

Reproduction in Hindu Religious

In the earlier, householder stage, detailed rules define acceptable behavior. Among the most important are those that regulate reproduction. The intent of these rules is to maintain the hereditary caste distinctions. Here Hinduism's outlook is very similar to that of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Western eugenics, which proposed controlling reproduction to prevent what were considered undesirable unions. Although the specific rules for regulating marriage and reproduction were different from those proposed by Western eugenics, the spirit is the same to protect the human species from degeneration due to unsuitable matches. Hinduism does not define suitability for marriage according to scientific understanding of genetics, but by caste membership, which is hereditary, and by physical traits, which are correlated with astrology. Traditionally, prospective brides were inspected undressed and an elaborate system of body divination existed for interpreting body markings,...

Granular Theory See Life Theories Of

The theoretical relationship between the features of one's handwriting and his her personality or character has been studied extensively in modern times by the French abbot Jean Hippolyte Michon (1806-1881) and by the German philosopher psychologist Ludwig Klages (1872-1956). Based on analyses of the characteristics and variables in personal handwriting - such as modulations in size of letters, layout, connectedness, slant, regularity, speed, forms, shading, and angularity - graphologists (those who analyze the physical features and patterns of handwriting and who formulate graphology theory) have speculated on persons' traits, qualities, and attributes. Some graphologists use the analytic approach, in which relatively isolated aspects of the handwriting (e.g., curvature, angularity, width, slant of individual letters) are presumed indicators of specific personality traits of the writer. Other graphologists assert that personality characteristics are reflected...

The Folk Sector

Before the Midwives Act of 1902, when midwifery became registerable, it was considered part of the folk sector along with faith healing and herbalism. The earliest description of the use of herbal remedies can be traced back to ad 1260 (Sharpe, 1979), although it is known that the Egyptians as far back as 1600 bc were using garlic, fennel and thyme. Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654), an English physician, started to practise astrology and physic in 1640 and in 1649 published an English translation of the College of Physicians Pharmacopoeia, A Physical Directory. In 1653 he published The English Physician Enlarged also known as the Herbal. Both books sold well, with the latter forming the basis of herbalism in the English-speaking world. Although herbs can be used to alleviate various symptoms of illness and help well-being, they can have side effects and interact with other treatments or prescribed or non-prescribed medication.

Barnard Psychology

This tenacious, and unsubstantiated, theory is based on the belief that celestial bodies, in particular, the stars, have an influence on human behavior and personality (cf., Barnum effect). Historically, astrology is primitive astronomy but, whereas the latter is now a legitimate scientific endeavor, the former is considered as a pseudoscience founded in the notion that the positions of the moon, sun, and stars affect human affairs, and that one can foretell the future by studying the stars. The name Chaldeans (late Babylonians, c. 1000 B.C.) came to mean astrologer among the early biblical writers (cf., Daniel 2 2, 10) and the early Romans. The earliest astronomers were priests, and no attempt was made in those days to separate astronomy from the pseudoscience of astrology. Today, of course, the situation has changed and there is a great gulf separating astronomy from astrology. The American psychologist lexicographer Arthur S. Reber (1940- ) probably put the...

The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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