There are no systematic reviews or good RCTs on aluminium chloride treatments (25-30% aluminium chloride hexahydrate, 10% aluminium chloride in combination with 5% propantheline bromide) in focal hyperhidrosis. The following treatments have been reported to be beneficial in axillary hyperhidrosis in case series. Graber9 reported the successful treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis using a 30% aluminium chloride solution in 10 patients. Sweat production was reduced from 201 mg/10 minutes to 44 mg/10 minutes (22% of baseline value). Brandrup et al.8 reported on 23 women with axillary hyperhidrosis treated with 25% aluminium chloride hexahydrate, with (n = 11) and without occlusion (n = 12). The treatment was considered to be effective, the amount of sweat produced in 10 minutes (measured by gravimetry) decreasing by 60-80% even during exercise for both groups. Ewert et al.11 reported a good or very good effect in 34 of 49 (70%) soldiers with clinical hyperhidrosis of the axillae, palms and plantar surfaces by combining 10% aluminium chloride and 5% propantheline bromide in a solution. The effect was less obvious, however, in additional 27 soldiers who lived in the tropics.

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