All concentrations of 5-ALA were significantly better than placebo using the 630 nm light source (P<0-001).90 Thirty per cent 5-ALA showed the highest rates of complete and partial response at assessment 8 weeks after light treatment (61% and 26%, respectively) compared with 20% 5-ALA (complete response about 50%). Partial response was defined as 50-100% reduction in lesion area, and complete response was considered as no palpable or visible lesions. Facial and scalp lesions had better rates of complete clearance than trunk and extremity lesions (30% ALA: 91% versus 45%; 20% 5-ALA: 78% versus 38%). Levulan Kerastick topical solution showed higher complete response (66% versus 13%) and 75% clearance rates (77% versus 23%) at 8 weeks than placebo91 Use of 580-740 nm light with 5-ALA for lesions on hands was not significantly different from 5-FU (73% versus 70% reduction).92 Complete clearance was not observed in either group.

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